In Sicily with CROSSDEV on a journey along Via Selinuntina, Italy

Discovering CROSSDEV’s destinations through the eyes of locals. First stop: Sicily.

In the past couple of years, thanks to the CROSSDEV project, many activities were carried out along the western stretch of the Via Selinuntina, the ancient coastal artery that connected Sicily from East to West. Time for a trip along these places: less known destinations that hide real treasures behind their historical palaces and beautiful landscapes.
In Santa Margherita di Belice we are welcomed by Michele Ciaccio, professor at the hotellerie institute of Castelvetrano:

“The town, about 6,400 inhabitants, is known as the “City of the Gattopardo”. In this small village, Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, author of the novel “The Leopard”, spent his childhood and these places were a source of inspiration for the writing of the famous novel as well as “Tales of my childhood”. Tomasi di Lampedusa defined Santa Margherita as “The lost and earthly paradise of my childhood.”

Michele Ciaccio
Professor at the hotellerie institute of Castelvetrano, Italy

Santa Margherita di Belice is a unique place, where it is possible to relive lost noble atmospheres, meet international writers during the Tomasi di Lampedusa Awards and learn more about the recent history of the city visiting the Museum of Memory, set up to commemorate the terrible earthquake that shocked the Sicilian Island in 1968.

Sicily, as we know, offers unique views, where history and landscape blend perfectly. In one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, Sambuca di Sicilia, you just need to stroll through the alleys of the ancient Arab city to go back in time and space.

“Architecture, nature, and agriculture in Sambuca, for timeless beauty.”

Giuseppe Cacioppo
Deputy Mayor of Sambuca di Sicilia, Italy

Among vineyards and lush landscapes, Montevago welcomes travelers for a stay dedicated to quality food and wine, relaxation, and well-being thanks to the proximity of the Terme di Acqua Pia, an ancient thermal spring known since Roman times.

“Montevago, a charming village in the Belice valley where the thermal waters of “Terme Acqua Pia” are immersed in an enchanting green oasis.”

Calogero Impastato
Former Mayor of Montevago, Italy

Good wine and hospitality made the city of Menfi famous. Here, vines and land have been an indissoluble union for centuries and are still celebrated during the summer international festival dedicated to quality wine: “Inycon”.

“Menfi: sea, excellent wine, quality food, culture, outdoor experiences for an unforgettable holiday.”

Calogero Barbera
Agronomist in Menfi, Italy

For contemporary art lovers, a visit to Gibellina is a mandatory stop. The Star of the entrance to the Belice by Pietro Consagra, the majestic Cretto di Burri and the numerous works by Italian and international artists all around the old and new city will welcome you. Do not miss the spaces of the Orestiadi Foundation, with the wonderful Museum of Mediterranean textures, and the Museum of Contemporary Art | MAC, the most important collection of contemporary art in the South of Italy; discover the amazing story of this city through the artists who loved it.

The journey continues to Contessa Entellina, the oldest Albanian settlement in Italy which proudly preserves its ancient language and long-lasting traditions. The city is surrounded by important natural and cultural attractions such as the Abbey of Santa Maria del Bosco within the Monte Genuardo and Santa Maria del Bosco nature reserve.

Last stop of our trip: Castelvetrano. Founded after the arrival of the Normans in an area inhabited since the Paleolithic, Castelvetrano is known as the city of temples and olives for the presence of the Selinunte Archaeological Park and the Nocellara del Belice olive trees that gently shape its landscape.

It is not easy to sum up everything you will experience along the Via Selinuntina in Sicily: keep following us to discover day by day new stories and places!

Stay with us for other stops around the less known, wonderful destinations of the Mediterranean!

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