Partners are choosing the brand name

Project partners are working on one of the most challenging tasks: naming their soon-to-arrive platform!

One of the ENI CBC Med projects dedicated to business and SMEs development, CROSSDEV is promoting the growth of five Mediterranean areas through responsible tourism practices and the creation of sustainable tourism products.

One of the project’s scopes is the creation of a Digital Territorial Platform, a digital hub developed to strengthen and highlight the link among the newly developed destinations.

In 2022, our platform will allow you to better know the Via Selinuntina in Sicily, the Adonis Valley in Jabal Moussa Biosphere Reserve in Lebanon, the Palestinian Heritage Trail in Palestine, the cities of Aqaba and Umm Qais in Jordan showcasing new points of interest, events, experiences, and the words of the locals that make these areas alive every day.

The idea of this showcasing website (or platform) is clear. Now the question is: what will it be called?

If choosing a brand name may seem simple, in our experience it has not always been that so. Reflecting on the most suitable name has been a long and demanding process, which made us rethink our common values and aims over and over.

What do we all have in common? How can we communicate the identity of evolving destinations? What name could be the most attractive to our ideal tourists?

After many calls, internal team consultations, project meetings, and email exchanges, we have finally found the answer to all our questions: we defined a brand name and a payoff for our digital platform.

Before unveiling them, we ask you for a little more patience. Right now, partner CoopCulture, which oversees the platform implementation, is working on other important aspects of our brand identity — such as the logo and the color palette. We will finally be able to present the result of our work in the coming weeks.

Keep following us to be always informed about our progress!

Published On: Gennaio 23rd, 2022 / Categories: Progetto Crossdev /

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